The following services apply to all types of home makeovers, whether you're trying to sell your property,
or want to enjoy living in it more.
Home Staging Makeovers aim to remove anything potential buyers could object to
(eg. clutter, orange feature walls etc.) but regular Home Makeovers have no boundaries - I incorporate whatever you want into your designs!

All projects are unique - some can be completed in one day, and others, of course, can take longer, however, I can return at any stage if you need help.

How it works:

Consultation- free

The Consultation starts with me visiting your home and a casual chat about the areas,
you would like to improve. This verbal consultation takes up to 1 hours and is without obligation.
If we're too far away to visit, or you don't want a consultation for any reason,
I can still help. I just need some photographs of your house.
- if you decide to proceed...
Room board-£ 30 per room

...I will create you an inspirational Room board that will offer solutions on all the elements needed
for your space from colors, furniture, lighting, flooring, window treatments, and accessories.

I will provide a list with details of all the elements shown on the board,
with prices and details of where to shop for each item. 

Hands-On Styling - £100 per day

If you're short on time or don't have the imagination and practical skills to complete your project, I can do the shopping and styling for you. I can organize your storage, de-clutter if necessary, re-style existing furnishings and can add new furniture and accessories if required. all tailored to your budget.

Everyone loves to see 'before' and 'after' photographs, so we supply you with these at no extra cost